Son has relapse

I haven’t been on here in a while because everything had been going really great since my son got on meds last year. As some of you may remember my son attacked me last year. The counselor he has been seeing keeps changing his diagnosis. First he said schizophreniform then just plain psychological break down. First I do not understand why a counselor and not a psychologist or psychiatrist is diagnosing him. Anyway we are in the middle of another break. He was talking out of his head again Saturday night. Not making any since and not comprehending instructions and was in a manic state. Sunday he called to apologize and say he was just tired and needed sleep. Well that’s all good, except he had the same exact behavior including the apology and need sleep excuse last year 2 days before he attacked. He called yesterday to say that he is tired of my attitude and he thinks it is best if we don’t see or talk to each other again. That he is not ill and does not need meds (he says he is still taking them though). I know this is the illness talking but it doesn’t hurt any less knowing that. I called his so called councilor yesterday and he said he did not need to come in right away and to keep his appointment for next week. He also said if he acts like this again to call the crisis intervention team. Then he really ticked me off and use the “drugs” word. I am tired of this word. My son does not do drugs. I am a former addict (clean 14 years now) and I am sure I would know if he was using. The counselor even said they tested him last year when he started treatment and he was clean. I told him to test again and he is still clean. He did have some issues in his life last week that caused stress that I think brought on this episode. I have worked really hard at getting over my PTSD in the last year and we have finally been able to be around each other without anyone around; which I could not do for at least 10 months. Now I am back to square one and scared to be around him by myself again. I am at a loss as I have no one else to help me deal with this. I live alone and my only other child is 1,000 miles away. Why can they not diagnosis this for what it is: Schizophrenia?

I am thankful for this web site as it has been of great help to me these last few months since I found it. Thanks for reading I just needed to vent.

The simple answer is that he has to show symptoms for more than six months before they can give a diagnosis. So it might be shortly forthcoming. But, yes, he should be seeing a psychiatrist. Maybe he will with this relapse.

Try not to put to much emphasis on the actual diagnoses. I’m sorry that he is cycling again.

I agree-a psychaitrist should be seeing him.
Was he living with you?
Not sure why he would be relapsing if he is on meds.
im sorry, cant remember all the details on this.
If you are afraid of him, tell him you cannot be around him when he acts like this toward you.
Did you find a NAMI group near you?
I work nights, so I can never attend any support groups-but there are a lot on the web. Barbie posted a site yesterday:…havent been on yet, but I am going to. These things really help if you cant attend groups…in a lot of ways, much better…

Bridgecomet he was living with me last year before he attacked (stabbed me in the back of my head). Although I have finally been able to be around him without anyone else around I draw the line at him moving back into my house. He has admitted that he intended to kill me and then himself. I would not be able to sleep at night with him here. I will support him I just cannot live with him. Besides he is 27 and should have been out a long time ago. After Saturday night I am back to not wanting to be around him unless someone else is there. I have talked to his counselor and I am going to his appointment with him Monday at the counselors request. We will see what happens from there. Right now money is a problem and he is being seen at a nonprofit that only has him talk to a psychiatrist once a year. I believe he is relapsing because someone in the house where he is living died at their house last week. It was a friend of his father. I think all the drama of that has brought out this relapse. He has only been in therapy for 10 months. We did not know he had a problem until last year so adjustments in the meds may be coming.

I have schizophrenia, and I do well.

I take a lot of different meds for my schizophrenia. Presently, I see a Nurse who writes my prescriptions. I see her for a full twenty minutes once every two months.

I was working for awhile in my twenties, but then I got on SSI. Because I am on SSI, I have great insurance. Because I have great insurance, I have more choices about treatment.


Jayster I tried to get him to sign up for health care. He says he does not believe in medical care. I was hoping that after being on meds for a while that would change. I do not think that he would qualify for ssi at this time. I will try again at obamacare sign up to get him to sign up.

A lot of people don’t believe in treatment for heart disaese or trearment for cancer, but the percentage isn’t quite as high as the percentage of schizophrenics who don’t believe in medical treatment.

Of course, a lot of people around here woudn’t bother with a seat belt except it is the law!

I was not so terribly impressed with the help I got from taking medications, but when the psychic pain got so very, very bad, the only folks who were still listening to me were the folks who encouraged me to take the medicines.

Now, I willingly take medicines.


Jayster, I wish my son took medications willingly but he is not taking any medication. He is living with us and he is in college. We can’t force him to take medications and his Psychiatrist told him there are a lots of people who are not on medications and are able to function. But he does have Medicaid and SSI. He does see Psychiatrist every month now that he is off medications and sees a therapist.@dontforget623 if our son has a diagnosis he can get SSI and Medicaid.

**I agree that it would not be a good idea for him to live with you at this time.
It does sound like he is relapsing.I hope they can give him some kind of injectable med that would stay in his system.
He should certaintly qualify for medicade-medicare and SSI plus SSDI.
I`m so glad he goes to therapy. I still cannot get my son to agree with this.
I hope he gets his meds and improves soon!