Are you responsible for managing medications?



I manage them but my son decides if he is going to take them or not.


I take my own medications without any reminders from anyone. I keep track of them on my calendar.


We’re transitioning from me doing it all to him now starting to self manage. Now I have to be careful there is no double dosing.

He did call in and pick up his own prescription a few days ago. :smiley:


I take care for my own and also my mom’s medication. And I sometimes need to remind my dad. So yes I am fully responsible managing medications.


You are much like my brother, a man who is giving care and battling back SZ. Are you the primary care giver or do you have help? I love my big bro, but I could not do this alone.

I hope your Mom feels better soon.


I manage my own meds. I take them and refill them as prescribed.


I don’t have a care-giver, I just don’t have an income atm. I manage medication and pretty much never forget. Except I’m upset that it’s making me feel numbed out lately and I’m beginning to consider for the first time in years quitting it altogether.


I manage my meds on my own. I do need alarms on my phone to remind me though


That is an idea that I can use. thank you for that. :alarm_clock:


Yes J, my phone has multiple alarms on it when an alarm goes off I mark it off on my phone too, so I keep track of when and what I took


well that depends, im now a rational person on medication.
or at least i am pretending too be one…?
yet i dont believe anyone during an episode of pschychosis could describe
his or herself as rational. its more irrational, yet you arent aware of it.
up is down, down is up.

at least that is my opinion while looking back, seeing flashes of things/memory
so responsible is a very big and strange word, for someone that is irrational.
yet doesnt know he/she is in that state

i have found this quote that i liked and pasted
“Reality is, you know, the tip of an iceberg of irrationality that we’ve managed to drag ourselves up onto for a few panting moments before we slip back into the sea of the unreal.”


When my daughter first became ill and for about 5 years after her diagnosis I was responsible for her medication but now she manages very well by herself. She is 31 years old now and has no problem taking her medication.


I’m responsible for my own meds. I used to forget but I have them organized in a plastic box where you put the morning and evening medication. Now I see when I have forgotten and not. I organize them every sunday.