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Long story short

My two younger sisters and I all have had schizophrenia
mum took care of all three in turn or at the same time each in florid Psychosis for a number of years.

mum is now 76
has no faith in the NHS because money and the system towards mental health is worse now many years later
my 41 yr old sister has been unwell for 7 years living at mums and mum
Mum believes she is now too old
mum is unwell and tired
they are living in a better but still awful situation. my sister gave up tobacco and Alcohol
she was an extreme drunk for at least half her live but honestly I have to say all that is left is active unmedicated uncompliant first episode schizophrenia

there is so much progress here she hasnt’ spoken to mum for a couple of weeks but this week I visited for 2 nights and she is friendly to me and I to her - that is sometimes so tenuous that it feels new but it is just my state of mind
If I think she is being damaging by shouting while drunk I cant’ handle it

any way
mum has me as a friend and as a kind of relief from the pressure
mum recently did not want to talk about her
she said my responsibility is to stay well
I have a husband
I have a life 45mins away

what do I do
I could be in a positin to find help by gaining trust and friendship finally
I could one day gently suggest it could all be madness

we are not close and really haven’t ever been

Responsibiltiy of phone duty in a volunteer job 12 hrs a week over the Christmas nearly had me in hospital becusae of stress
I can’t have a child
I can’t work
how can I be responsible for a life?

I know Al Anon says no cause no fault

but they only have me

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Dear three,

That sounds so very stressful. I agree with your mum, that your first responsibility is to take care of yourself so you stay well.

I also have a medication non-compliant sister with schizophrenia. She is my baby sister, so I feel very protective of her, but there is not much to be done right now.

I think sometimes we just have to love people and wait - which can feel like doing nothing. But sometimes it is the most useful thing we can do in that moment.

I’m sorry you, your mum and your sister are all going through this.


thanks for your words family #itsastruggle
you’re right, I agree that it will be a waiting game
I’m sorry about your sister as well
what age is your sister?
I’ve ordered the book I’m not sick I don’t need help
This illness has been around for me and my family for about 30 years I should know all there is to know but it’s not like that


first take good care of yourself. i’m sorry you have to go through this but at least know there are many of us out here who understand and on the same path.

second the book is good and might help you in talking in healthier ways with your family. it is what it is and no one’s fault. compassion comes with understanding but it is still challenging. at the end of the day it is up to your sibling to realize her life could work better with meds/therapy. all you can do is be there if she decides to do what is best for her and reaches out. wish you all the best.


Hi three sori for your situation ,stay strong and I pray for you and your family :pray:t4::heart:

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