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Assisted outpatient treatment in Michigan


Spouse diagnosed at the age of 45 with schizophrenia. Was hospitalized for 2 weeks and put on risperdal which worked like magic. She was on medication for about 8 months and the Dr stopped the medication. Seemed all was well. Spring ahead to the present and after 10 years spouse is starting to relapse. And has anasognosia. I live in Michigan and my state has Assisted outpatient treatment. I will going to the court house next week to get her back on some kind of medication I have a few questions that I was hoping this community can answer for me.
1.Can the fact she was previously diagnosed with schizophrenia be used as an argument that she is in need of treatment now?
2. If granted AOT will they make sure that she takes the prescribed medication.


I believe you can provide medical records as evidence…


I would definitely provide records and any statement from any previous professionals that you can obtain. As for compliance you can have it ordered that she comply, but it can still be a challenge. Some meds offer monthly shots that seem to be pretty affective and less hassle for those unwilling to stick with the daily pills…something to consider. I wish you the best.