Massachusetts Folks; Support AOTNOW!

Hello all!

A bill has been introduced in Massachusetts, 1 of 3 states in the US, that does not have assisted outpatient medication/treatment laws. This law aims to help folks with serious mental illness stay on their medication under court supervision. The goal of this law is to keep folks engaged in their mental health treatment. This law is incredibly important and meaningful to us family members. Hopefully this law would serve to increase compliance with medication, thus increasing peoples quality of life while reducing repeated hospitalizations and symptom burden. The website does a way better job of explaining the how/why of the proposed law. I’m subscribed to the email and have already sent out emails of support to my local politicians. There is a meeting in the state house this fall to discuss this bill.

Here is the website to get involved!


So glad you posted this! Florida’s laws on court supervised meds helped stabilize my daughter on her monthly shot, so I know the value first-hand of court involvement as nothing prior had kept her on her meds. Now she’s been stable for years.

I hope it passes in MA.