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Bipolar info requested

I agree on most levels bipolar is easier to treat. I just never knew much about sch effective until my son had it.the doctor told me it looks like schizophrenia but easier to treat. I still stay confused. He is better . No two cases are alike. I just want him to take meds. I work with mentally ill on my job and learn something new each day.
That is a link to a bipolar support group. They have a caregiver section too. I didn’t really look at it, but you can read around. If they are any kind of useful support group, they will take kindly to your questions.

Hopefully @Wave can answer this: if bipolar can you have psychosis while depressed? Or is it just while manic?

Hi @Skims - you can have Psychosis when Manic, this is more common.

Sometimes Psychosis can be seen in Depression, but it isnt as common with Mania, but still can happen.

You can also become Psychotic when having a Mixed Episode - Manic and Depressed at the same time, this is common with me.