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Hi anyone have a schizoaffective, bipolar or depressive type loved one

I’m sorry for guessing all this time…

I only had observations to go on and depressive type schizoaffective disorder and 5 months alcohol and cigarette free now after being abusive alcoholic for a number of years. 7 years ago she started an ongoing psychosis and what I hoped for now clean 5 months

Now the symptoms are EXACTLY the depressive type schizoaffective with no room for doubt in my mind , actual accurate diagnosis never obtained because of the symptoms of not wanting help or to engage

1 consistently worsening schizophrenia excessively used drugs and with no remission and early accident or suicide early death… Middle sister

1 severe and worsening until remit age 32, 14 yrs ago this year schizophrenic with autism… eldest sister

1 youngest sister, clean now for 5 months and 7 solid years into schizoaffective break

Sorry I now see what doctors mean that the substance misuse clouds everything

When I heard that said I was angry

Thank you for your support everyone

I’m trying to read I don’t need help I’m not sick but it’s a tough read

Yes, @Three, it isn’t the easiest book to read. I skipped through it to just learn the LEAP technique. Then went to certain chapters. Then finally read it all the way through. I got some good ideas from it. I finally realized that it was useful to help gain any kind of agreement for a new idea.

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Yes my grandson was schizoaffective bipolar type. Heavy drug user. No meds worked until he was on Clozapine. I had to fight to get him on it. He was hospitalized for 2 weeks so he could ve brought up quickly. And you could see a difference in 5 days. His voices were reduce by 95 percent. Its been almost 5 years and he is doing very well. He is clean and holds a hoid fulltime job. Clozapine was a miracle drug for him.

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What did you say to him to try to get him to take meds.
I know it’s always tricky if the loved one is non compliant

My sister takes being clean very seriously and will not take meds and her whole life plan has been staying away from needing help with 2 schizophrenic sisters since she was+age 12 and secretly starting to use drugs

I didn’t have to say anything. He was willing to try to get rid if the voices. On this forum they have vitamins that help some people like NAC ,omega 3 fish oil, and sarcosine abd others take look at them maybe she would be willing to try them

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That is so good that he picked up medication willingly
I’m glad that he found a good help / solution with Clozapine
I take one of the old fashioned ones myself for a number of years And it works really well

“I’m sorry for guessing all this time…”

When you get the answer let me know…

Unfortunately when we are unable to get our loved ones in willingly to see a medical psych/ neurological professional, we end up picking up the rest.

I don’t believe in forced.

Many folks here will disagree.
Depends on your own beliefs.
It seems in my experience mental health issues are rarely if ever addressed by force.

Compassion. Integrity.

Seems right.

It’s most difficult for our first responders sometimes, depending on where they serve.

I wish I had a better response. But this is a great community to share…

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