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Brother with schizophrenia

So…idk where to start… Well my brother had been experimenting with drugs and he started to use heavily, during this period he started to exhibit some schizophrenic behaviours.After that…it went down hill. He used to be my best friend and it got to a point where he wont even hear me out he gets irritated and angry with me. I tried to get him to go get medical help…he didn’t want to. Eventually he got locked up and they had him evaluated while he was there… He started medications but all the symptoms haven’t subsided but he said he has been getting better sleep since then. He looses jobs all the time and í think he is still drinking and abusing drugs… Its hard to talk to him í just want to help him but í dont know how and im so broke í can barely take care of myself atm im recovering from an illness… For a while í distanced myself bcuz í was so hurt physically and so drained emotionally í could barely cope with what í was going thru(at its peak)… But now im in the process of recovering and í talk to him but í just want to rebuild our relationship and idk í thought maybe posting this here í could get others perspectives


I think that as a sibling who loves your brother, one way to rebuild a relationship might be to spend some time together doing things you like to do together and social activities that do not involve drugs or alcohol. Also, family events and family efforts could be positive if he likes those.

Over time, once you two reestablish the relationship, your brother might start to open up to you. The first step is listening. When he knows you are really listening and really care, he might request your help or advice.

If he does have schizophrenia, only doctors and other professionals can treat the illness, but you can help and support him by being connected and cheering on his attempts at recovery. Maybe spend a little time researching local treatment and psychosocial resources in case he ever requests your help in finding them.

Please try to take good care of yourself while you recover your health. I hope you can reconnect with your brother.


Thank you for your reply I really appreciate it. I planned for us to go out to eat as a family this weekend .He recently got diagnosed and started medications so hopefully they will make a difference for him. Im happy to at least have a diagnosis because for a while we had no idea what was going on. I want him to be able to open up to me like u said I dont want him to feel alone.


@Ley I agree 100% with @Hereandhere sometimes something as simple as sharing a walk or a hike through a park or wooded area on a regular basis can be very bonding, plus spending time in nature is good for everyone…you and your brother are lucky to have each other…best of luck!


Thank you so much for both of your advice that’s a really good suggestion í love nature walks and they are free :slight_smile: im feeling more optimistic


It’s a tough road and I wish you all the best. Knowledge is our biggest weapon so finding out as much as you can together about the illness and reading the Recovery model which will help with ideas. Abstaining from drugs and alcohol is extremely important, also getting involved with a drug and alcohol program will benefit a lot. Family, love and understanding about what is happening for your brother is one of his greatest strengths.

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