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Calculator can predict psychosis risk


An individual’s risk for developing psychosis can be measured as accurately as a prognosis for heart disease and cancer, according to a new Yale-led study published July 1 in the American Journal of Psychiatry.

The new risk calculator assesses the risk of developing psychosis after a person experiences an early warning sign of schizophrenia — such as hearing a voice calling out the individual’s name even though he or she is aware no one is there.

“Right now, individuals and their families asking for feedback and advice after such episodes are only told about the average risk — that 15% to 25% of this group will go on to develop psychosis,” said Tyrone Cannon, professor of psychology and psychiatry at Yale and principal investigator of the study. “But with this tool, doctors can give people who have experienced early warning symptoms of schizophrenia a much more individualized assessment of risk.”

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Here is the schizophrenia / psychosis risk calculator - perhaps of use with siblings of those who have schizophrenia:

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Risk Calculators Help Doctors, Patients Choose Best Treatment

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This may have helped my son a long time ago.
Seems there is a lot of emphasis going on how to stop or treat early–which is great. Is there research going on with new medications that will help someone who already has, or has been living with MI?