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Schizophrenia Risk Calculator - online here:

Here is the schizophrenia / psychosis risk calculator - perhaps of use with siblings of those who have schizophrenia:

background info here:

A new risk calculator predicts the probability of high-risk patients converting to full psychosis within 2 years, new research shows.

Although roughly 20% to 35% of persons with symptoms convert to psychosis within 2 years, risk estimations based on a patient’s individual symptom profile are more accurate, the authors, led by Tyrone Cannon, PhD, of Yale University, in New Haven, Connecticut, note.

“Like a person at risk for cardiovascular disease or cancer, an individual with a prodromal risk syndrome is more interested in receiving information pertinent to his or her personal risk profile than information about the population at large,” they write.

“Publication of this risk calculator is intended to assist clinicians in providing such personalized risk estimates.”

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