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Cameras and privacy invasion

I have an adult sibling that lives with my elderly mother . She has Schizophrenia; she has video cameras set up in almost every room to be able to see outside due to her paranoia. She can not only see everything going on but can hear through them on her laptop. While this upsets me because I feel it is inappropriate to record friends and family that come over ; I am not sure if I should demand that she take them down for fear that this may cause problems. She recently moved out but is still watching what goes on at our mothers house from her laptop six hours away. Any advice.?

A couple things… does she live on her own now? If so, I would either say to her the cameras would protect her more in her own space. Another tactic would be to change the WiFi password of your mother’s network.

Many of these cameras are notoriously vulnerable to hacking, perhaps sending her a few links to the copious articles about these vulnerabilities may put her off the idea altogether, as they enable surveillance from many more sources than they protect against.

Good ideas! Thank you so much for your input, I will post later with update!