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Paranoid Skisophrenia

My mom has been diagnosed with schizophrenia well over 10 years ago and she’s only getting worse as she gets older. At every house we lived at, she fought with the neighbors constantly. She would be friends with them at the beginning and then accuse them of knocking on the wall for instance or kicking her out of their house. What really happened was my neighbor had to go out so she said you need to go now which isn’t rude. Anyway her behaviour towards me is so much worse. In 2015 she vandalized my bike so I couldn’t ride it anymore, she vandalized my school bag and calendar by writing “fucking bitch” all over it, she bleached my uniform and tore up my aeropostale top. This all happened in the same period of time. When I found out what she had done it was very upsetting even more so that I had no support, my dad does nothing about it, in fact he blames me for it which is ridiculous. I decided to share this now since she has vandalized my property yet again and my dad is enabling her. He doesn’t know how to control her behaviour.

Depending on the state you live in you can call the crisis assessment team for an on site evaluation. that’s the way it is here in Cali. If they conclude that she needs to be hospitalized then away she goes to the hospital where she belongs right now. Anyone can make the call on anyone, no matter the age of the person. I would also call the state mental health office and see what advise they can give you and call your local NAMI organization and they should have numbers for you to call.

I am sorry this is happening to you. It does sound like you need some kind of support outside of your home. It must be hard growing up in an environment when a parent acts irrationally. Are you safe?

my mom has schizophrenia aswell and its a living HELL my mom however never did anything like that towards me but she did the same things towards my neighbors and with my best friends mom she accused her of shooting her with needles and stuff like that and its embarrassing but its hurtful because my friends saw it as crazy

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I hope that you can find/keep some friends who understand your situation.


Hello rspan,
Friends, especially young teenage friends are not mature enough to handle a very serious situation. Mental Illness and the stigmas associated with this disease are just heart breaking.
Check your local support groups (NAMI), it would help you to have a good prospective, and learning tools to help you deal with your mom.
You and many other children are thrown into adult situations. We all need to find some balance and boundaries with our loved ones.
Take care AnnieNorCal