Can someone maybe guide me?

Hi. I have been estranged from my Son for well over a decade. Almost 2. Even our interactions then, where really frowned upon by his Mother.

My career was made up of short bursts of work, and then times of sitting and waiting. I was a Professional Chauffeur. My clients would book me for anywhere from 8 to 72 hour. Blocks. It was very hard on me, but I also made my Ex-wife and family were very comfortable. But, I also sure that my children knew I loved them, and all of this was for them. I even spoke with my ex, and asked her if she wanted me to move into the office for a 9-5 job, which would not be as financially nice as what we had, or stay on the roads? She opted for me staying with driving.

We divorced in the Early 90’s.

Our first Son, whom I haven’t seen in well over a decade reached out to me. I was elated.

We chatted online only. His decision. Only to have him tell me 2 things. 1. Was “I love you Dad.” and 2. “I have schizophrenia.” I told my son, via our chat, that "I love you Son. And I will do what I can to be here for you. Just tell me what you need?

I need to add some other detail. On September 6th, 2001. I broke my back at work. It was an accident and I have been disabled every since. I just recently was moved into a disability complex.

My Son also gave me 2 pictures of my Granddaughter.

I honestly have no clue as to which way to jump, or start looking to understand and help my Son and Granddaughter.

A few months ago when I first got word of this, I went to a site, and was basically destroyed for not doing more. I have no idea what that was about. I am a very positive person. I try and see the Sun before the clouds.

If anyone here can help me start on a path, I will be so grateful. Thank you.

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its great to hear you have good relations with your son again…as regards advice what specifically are you asking?

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It’s very meaningful from a schizophrenia perspective that your son reached out to you. He told you of his illness, which is huge. So many of us struggle with sons/daughters who fight us because they don’t know they have sz. Keep reaching out to him to let him know you are there for him.


To the point.
This is an extremely difficult and often traumatizing brain disease for those who suffer from it, and also for those who love, caretake and are very close to those who suffer.
It’s also fairly known that it has genetic components, which means it’s passed on.
It sounds to me like your son has accepted the diagnosis? (This is not true for many who suffer. The term is Anosognosia, also referred to as ‘lack of insight’.)
If your son has ‘insight’, is it possible that he may be looking for family history? If he mentions his daughter, it sounds like great insight and also he may be concerned for his daughter’s mental health currently or in the future.