Cannabis along with treatment

My son is in treatment and doing well. Voices still there but in the background Still working toward better treatment and meds. He is insisting in getting the cannabis license for supposedly ocacional use. I would like to hear about the experience of your loved ones with cannabis while also using antipsychotics. Could cannabis help? He consulted his psychiatrist who said No good.

Hi, I’m glad to hear your son is compliant. Marijuana is a drug known to cause psychosis. There is research that suggest it triggers SZ. In this illness the meds are given for this reason in addition to treating other symptoms. My son smokes and he becomes very unstable while also taking the APs. I’m praying he stops smoking weed. There are many post here about the effects of weed if you do a search. Best of luck to you and your son.

Did you see the post on this site about marijuana and SZ? Somehow I don’t believe that marijuana helps SZ, but that is only an uneducated opinion of mine.

I have no personal experiences to share with you as my daughter doesn’t use recreational drugs and rarely drinks alcohol.

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