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Cannabis Use Results in Decreased Medication Adherence and Relapse Risk Increase in Psychosis

I didn’t see in this study where there is mention of THC concentrations and/or strains. Sativa and Indica have different cerebral effects. Wouldn’t that be considered a confound? Maybe I missed something…

Its based on self reports of user of cannabis - so without a lab to analyze each person’s consumption - getting that type of information would be impossible.

Ultimately - I think the bigger issue is THC - and that is why people buy street cannabis (as opposed to medical marinuana with high CBD and low THC levels).

It seems like so many of the studies I read come from the UK. Why is that?

And I agree. I know people who have benefited from low THC Indica strains, but some of the rec shops here in Colorado sell some pretty concentrated strains, not to mention dabbing and edibles. I think half the state is stoned.