Caregivers who are struggling - Survey Request

My name is Sahil Mohan, and I’m part of the science research program in my high school. I have created a survey regarding caregivers of people diagnosed with schizophrenia and how they perceive schizophrenia as well as their experiences/challenges. The link to the survey is:

I’m posting in hopes that you can help circulate the survey as well as maybe provide survey-takers. This study is being conducted to better understand the impacts of schizophrenia on caregivers as well as their awareness of the disease. The results of the study will create a better understanding of how caregivers understand schizophrenia, how they treat it, and how it affects them; therefore, the results can be used to create better situations for caregivers, many of whom are struggling.

Thank you,
Sahil Mohan

Hi Sahil,

Can you please provide more information. We like to support research at this web site - but we want full disclosure on the organization, and we want the data shared with everyone here after the survey is completed.

So, please tell us the high school you’re at and email us details on the science research program ( ).