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Caregiving isn’t for wimps


By Harriet Hodgson

I’ve been a caregiver for more than 18 years: nine years as my mother’s caregiver, seven years as my twin grandchildren’s guardian/caregiver, and two years as my disabled husband’s caregiver. This experience has taught me that caregiving isn’t for wimps. We need physical strength and mental courage in order to be caregivers.


This was a very good article. It’s nice to know we’re not alone.

As my brother would say, “can I get an Amen”


take care :alien:


My husband was in high school when both of his parents became ill. His mother had cancer and his father drank himself to an early grave. He was their major caregiver and is definitely a survivor. When our son became ill, he didn’t think he could do it all over again but he has found strength he didn’t know he had. I couldn’t do it without this man sharing our load but I do my best to give him breaks. He needs time alone each day and I try to give that to him.


Barbie - I’m in total agreement. Being a caregiver is tougher than most folks realize especially when you’ve doing it as long as you have.