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CBT Plus Cognitive Remediation May Improve Work Outcomes in Schizophrenia

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I’ve just watched some youtube videos of this kind of work in Australia.

Is there any ongoing work in the U.S. on this? One of the reasons our son doesn’t stay on meds is the dullness it brings to creativity. This makes me hopeful, as a drug trialed is already out there, at least in Australia. It was shown to be effective for cognition, and my hope is it would help patients stay on their psych meds…

Columbia University has a whole program on cognitive remediation led by professor Alice medalia and the also do out patient work. Also professor Sofia vinogradov does a lot of work in this area. She used to be at UCSF in San Francisco but moved to somewhere in the Midwest … You can find these programs online by searching on their names.


Some more info:

Seven Common Questions about Cognitive Remediation
Alice Medalia, PhD

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How did I miss this last year? Lots of good stuff here

It took some digging to find it . . . I’m pretty sure this is the website for the company Dr. Vinogradov was associated with (and may still be), which is called Posit Science: She’s now the head of the psychiatry department at the Univ. of Minnesota.

It’s just a coincidence, but I’ve already done a lot of their exercises—the free ones—after finding that site while doing a search for Alzheimer’s information. They will allow you to do some of them without paying anything. I’m still getting reminder emails from them.

I couldn’t find anything on the site that mentions SZ, but there is a way to contact them if you want to ask about it.

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The very last video listed above does address scz directly. It’s all very positive.


If you find time maybe you could look at this thread and its videos?

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Thankyou @hope appreciate the advice.

For whatever reason, my phone shows the last video but my laptop does not.