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Change in long standing diagnosis while in jail


My son was diagd in 2006 with paranoid schizophrenia with homicidal tendencies. This diag has been correct for all intents and purposes. He has a long hisotry of hospitalizations and treatments, he is not med compliant.

He was arrested for a driving offense and they found marijuana in the car. He has been actively symptomatic for some time. His jail doc agrees, knows him from previous incarcerations and helped him be transfered to the psych hospital for treatment. Within 5 days he was transfered back to the jail, with a brand new diag of personality disorder, since ‘he is sleeping, his speech is not pressured and he is social’

now I am fighting for treatment. How is it possible to change such a serious diag in just 6 days? Yes he was sleeping, he feels safer in the hospsital, yes he was social, he had been in isolation for two months! Pressured speech? What is that even? They obviously did not listen to the phone calls i was getting from him.

He is taking the least amount of medication he can get away with now, they are changing to an anti anxiety med rather than an anti psych med and i am very worried. How do i get this hospital to read their own records on him?


Is there a way to contact the original doctor who made the first diagnosis and update him?


That sounds like a horribly difficult situation.

If you have a copy of the records, and any other records, it might be good to document the whole thing for your own purposes. I like the above idea of contacting the original doctor.

I have heard that when dealing with something like this it’s time to start writing everything in letters [Written request for hospital to read its own records plus your current concerns] to whomever is in charge, mailing them registered or certified mail, and keeping copies of everything. Keep going up the chain of command until you receive a response. Include copies of all of your previous correspondence showing dates mailed with copies of receipts for certified mail so they know you have tried on every level. Do not send medical records as that violates privacy laws.

Once you have documented and sent all of your attempts to help your son receive proper treatment, there is not much else you can do.

I hope the best for you and your son.


I would be a little suspicious. I have schizoaffective disorder. I sleep, i’m somewhat social and i don’t have pressured sleep. I would try to contact the original pdoc (psychiatrist). I’ve been diagnosed several times with different things but i was never in enough trouble to be jailed.


Try to find a lawyer who has experience in these situations. They’re keeping a lot of mentally ill people in jail now. There are bound to be lawyers who now how this works.


thank you for the replys. Im going to grab all of the diagnostic reports i have in storage and request the latest from this hospital. I am really concerned about this. I did get my son to sign release forms for me, finally, and the jail doc has been great, and faxed me a copy of all of them.

Thank you again. This forum has always been wonderful, I was a member years ago and created a new ID