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Changing Medicine and CBT

Hello all,

My husband is currently changing medications moving from Orlanzapine (sp) to Risiprodol (sp). He is really anxious, especially at night. Saying he “doesn’t have SZ” that that “people are just making it up”.

Have you found that it gets worse when they are on two medications as they step down from one and transition to a new one? He isn’t in psychosis just really agitated.

Also - what has everyone’s experience been with CBT Therapy for SZ? Especially for someone who thinks there is nothing “wrong” with them and that it’s all of us “messing” with them. I am not sure what else I should be looking for in a provider other than CBT training, Trauma informed (my husband has trauma from childhood that was never addressed) and compassionate.

Thank you all and I hope everyone has a little breathing room today!

Before her official diagnosis, my daughter was seeing a Christian clinical therapist that was helping her deal with a traumatic situation that we feel set off her onset of her schizotypal personality disorder. I didn’t realize until later then she was using CBT to help my daughter. After the diagnosis, my daughter continued to see her and she learned many coping techniques from her.

I think this was very helpful for my daughter.

My daughter is not seeing this therapist as much now, though because now she is seeing the outpatient therapist more now.

The outpatient therapist has been good for my daughter as well as she encourages my daughter in many ways.

Thank you so much for the reply and very happy to hear your daughter is doing well and working with someone that is helping.

Finding good help has been my biggest struggle here in Washington State.

For the outpatient therapy - is that a type of therapist or just a counselor? I am new to all of this terminology :slight_smile:

Research…not all those who advertise that they “practice” Cognitive Behavior Therapy are qualified and certified. Trying researching the licensing CBT organizations. They can be licensed social workers, therapists, psychologists…etc. but have not gone through a more formal educational CBT certification process from a licensing organization. Less than 1% ( CBTp training) of clinicians in the USA have that formal training last I knew.

This is SUPER helpful - thank you!

I am not sure if the outpatient therapy is with a psychologist, therapist or a counselor… my wife knows more since she is the one that takes her to her appointments. She admitted herself to the inpatient ward at the hospital in February this year where she was diagnosed. She is currently receiving the therapy and seeing the psychiatrist about every other week.

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