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Cognitive behavioral therapy


Hello, I’m wondering if anyone has had a positive experience with cbt? And, if so, is there a specialist or any written or other resources that you recommend? My daughter sees a psychiatrist weekly and takes a cocktail of meds but still struggles with anxiety and paranoid thinking. Thanks in advance for your help.


@Roksana You never know until you try,I had my sz son in it for awhile but his cognitive skills are pretty low so he just wouldn’t talk to the therapist, it became clear he wanted no part of it at all…so we stopped after a few weeks of no progress…I have heard of some patients with higher cognition doing very well with CBT…especially if they are willing to go…


My son refused CBT from his medical team but he has read some simple books about it. I think they have helped him.


Hi Hatty, would you be able to tell me the names of the books or work books your son used?


My friend recommended this person to me he does online skype sessions.