Choosing Your Battles

My husband was diagnosed with schizophrenia over 14 years ago. He has been on various medications. Lately, he has been trying to pick fights with me over random silly things. He mutters things under his breath but loud enough for me to hear hoping that I will argue with him. I didn’t understand what was going on at first but, about six months ago, I got it and just brush him off.

Has anyone else experienced this? I can call his doctor but I don’t want to if this is just a nothing.

Hmm. My roommate has SZ and definitely doesn’t do this. But then, symptoms differ person to person.
When my roommate goes off her meds or is struggling, it usually manifests as detachment. She won’t come out of her room for a long time, doesn’t want to have conversations. She seems to go to the opposite extreme of trying to avoid any possible conflict.

If this type of passive-aggressive behavior has only started in the past year, it may be of concern. You and his doctor are better placed to decide how serious this is, since you know his history and personality.

People vary from person to person so this may just be personality and not a symptom but maybe just pet peeves.

Now if they start yelling out loud and keep repeating an issue.
Then maybe there is an issue, or maybe its something specific to that person that can push someone’s buttons.

So which is it for me? Credit card debt is a battle I can’t win unless I destroy all the cards.
hmmm my solution. Hope you find yours.

**If this is something different for him-I would talk to the doctor about it. You don`t have to mention it to your husband yet. Maybe he was stressed and symptoms amped up a little…