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Christmas Gift ideas for 25 year old brother with schizophrenia

My brother has Schizophrenia. Has had it for many years now. He doesn’t have a lot of interests and I don’t know what to get him for Christmas. I’ve gotten him clothes and gift cards but I feel like I need something better. He has a few low attention spanned. Only really wants to smoke cigarettes and listen to music. Any ideas would be great !

How about a nice set of bose wireless headphones for music? They can be a bit pricey.


Does he like to shop on the Internet? If so, you could give him an Amazon gift card


How about a vintage record player with some records …then he can mooch around old record shops and find cool music …this is what I got my son he’s 26 :blush:


Maybe a subscription to a music downloading service? If he doesn’t already have one.


Stealing ideas from others:

High quality speakers, headphones or (if he has those things) a record player are all desireable items for people who listen to music often.
Go for quality over volume. Smaller speakers with better fidelity and range are better than bigger ones at the same price.

If that isn’t an option, gift cards for amazon, or a store he likes would be a good gift too.