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City teenagers ‘40% more likely to experience psychosis’


From the stress of living in the City I suspect:

and more:


Stress is obviously a trigger for psychosis for many but there are theories about other trigger factors such as certain viruses. It may also be that people are more likely to get a wider range of viruses in a city so that may be at play in some cases. Some people’s sz appears to be triggered by drug use. In the U.K. drug use is more widespread among the youth in small country towns (nothing else to do!) so I’m not sure moving out of the city will save our kids!


Yes - you are completely correct on all your points.


I think it’s a real factor (not a cause). Social defeat hypothesis is also biochemical:
From the article:
“According to the social defeat (SD) hypothesis, published in 2005, long-term exposure to the experience of SD may lead to sensitization of the mesolimbic dopamine (DA) system and thereby increase the risk for schizophrenia. The hypothesis posits that SD (ie, the negative experience of being excluded from the majority group) is the common denominator of 5 major schizophrenia risk factors: urban upbringing, migration, childhood trauma, low intelligence, and drug abuse.”


thanks for posting the info about social defeat

that sounds exactly like what my son experienced growing up.
except for just a couple friends, he never really fit in, and i have no idea why.

as the red-headed, freckle-faced kid, i thought my blond, tan, blue-eyed, thin child would have it made. not so.