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Clozapine and dizziness

I have been taking clozapine for just under 10 years. It’s a wonder drug and I am delighted that it turned my life around
However in social situations I usually avoid because when I am sitting there I get a sense of dizziness, always feel like I want to get up and leave.
Also feel like there is a strong grip on my head/brain which is very annoying

Is there counteractive medication that could help with the above symptoms?

I have also noticed that my local GP helps me better than the doctor assigned to me who is over my clozapine medication. I sometimes feel that I should be talking with a neurologist rather than her

Sorry if I’m posting in the wrong section I am new to this

Thanks all


It might be a fringe side effect OR it could be any number of things and maybe not even related to the clozapine. My son has been on clozapine for over 8 years and he has not had any dizziness that he has reported. He has had drooling issues at night and he was prescribed Cogentin (benzotropine) which he was told was good to combat general side effects, it has reduced the drooling for him. Once or twice he said he felt like he has a bandana tied around his head when he did not but it appeared to pass quickly. Not sure about that one. If it were me I would make sure I am getting plenty of water-you need extra with clozapine and also make sure you are not vitamin deficient in any area, clozapine can reduce levels of certain vitamins in some people,( like B and D) and you may need a good supplement if you are running low. I hope you find the answer you need and I am so glad that in general clozapine has worked for you. Best wishes.

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Sorry - posted this on the wrong thread.

What age is your son? What medication is he on? How long and what mg strength?

I often think sometimes that I haven’t achieved anything
What do people want to achieve, work relationship and friends…

Maybe he wants to achieve happiness maybe?


He wants to achieve things that everyone wants to achieve - he wants a sense of accomplishment, he wants to be liked, he wants a relationship, etc.

He is 28 (as of yesterday). He’s been on Clozapine for just over a month, and steady at 200 mg/day for the past 2.5 weeks. He usually needs a high dosage to get things to work, but for the first time, it’s working at a lower than recommended dosage.

As background, he had his first break at 15, second at 17, third at 18 - all with paranoid delusions where people were coming to kill him, etc. Then, he was pretty stable until about 18 months ago. He was having problems, but wasn’t delusional. He started seeing a new therapist, got attached (as in literally fell in love), started off with delusions about having a relationship with her & it just got worse from there.

He has a paranoid schizophrenia diagnosis which he just got in the hospital a few months ago. Before that, it was psychotic depression, psychotic NOS, major mood disorders, etc. And, fairly extreme bipolar runs in the family, but I don’t know that anyone else has a SZ diagnosis - not that it matters. Mainly pointing out that there’s a mood component.

You know how you can feel disappointed when you wake up from a really awesome dream, and realize it was all just a dream? I’m thinking that’s how he feels right now, or will soon, only magnified about 100 times.

I have no idea what to do or say.
I’ve gotten really used to his delusions myself - I’m at a loss.

I do have an email into his case manager/therapist to get some advice, but she’s only met him once.
He’s in the middle of a switch because he got so paranoid about the first one they gave him, he wouldn’t work with the poor man.

I don’t know how to word this: since his delusions are fading, try to find out what he likes in shared reality that you can do together or that you can support him doing

try to help him find reasons to be in and enjoy shared reality

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