Daughter (14) has DID and is starting to lose time

She’s been diagnosed with autism and PTSD. That was when she was little (7 or 8 years old). They didn’t want to diagnose her with schizophrenia then with hopes they were either wrong, or she’d grow out of it?

But recently she was in the hospital for outbursts with us and the doctors there saw a number of signs of DID.

We had a bit of a talk tonight and it’s clear to us that she’s losing time. That would explain a lot of things with her. Especially what we thought was her lying to us.

She’s on the waiting list for a bed in a hospital to get her help, but it’s getting worse and we’re completely at a loss as what we can do. Getting a bed may take a year or more, who knows.

If anyone can help with options or suggestions? I don’t even know what to ask for… just help.

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Not sure you’ll find much experience with or knowledge of DID in this forum. This topic comes up from time to time without much traction, likely because there’s not as much overlap between the disorder and schizophrenia spectrum disorders as commonly believed. There are specialized DID communities and forums which may be better suited to help you. This diagnosis has more traction outside of the US so you may have to work to find support.

My understanding is it’s becoming less of a goal to integrate and suppress disassociation and more to build working “systems” to help navigate and cope with the disorder.

The following (likely outdated) thread points to some resources to explore:

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@Maggotbrane As usual, your intelligence mixed with compassion, saves the day for our SZ forum! Heck, I had to look up DID…. So glad you were able to at least reply with resources.

@Darkarcane Sorry for your struggles. And, like MB said, we may not be much specific help here. But just know you’re not alone in this scary world of taking care of a loved one with mental illness issues. Big love your way.


Thank you both very much.