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Daughter Phasing off Clozapine after 15 years - advice please

From a new user (sent to me):

My Daughter has been taking Clozapine for the past 15 years and now after all this time is slowly been took off them due to wrong Diagnois, she started coming of them last week but l have already noticed she is not sleeping well and her lack of consentration isnt to good, l am fully aware there is bound to be side effects, lm just worried after all this time taking the wrong tablets this has caused damged, can any one please advice? from a worried Mother.


Im no expert but my son came off 15mg of the AP Abilify over a 2 week period. He had rebound psychosis which resulted in a 7 week stay in hospital. I trusted his doc at the time.
Ive researched & a 10% reduction of daily dose each month gives best chance of quitting these horrible meds.
Reducing very slowly gives the brsin & chance to adjust.
Wishing you all the very best


Here are some informative articles on the long term use and effects of clozapineā€¦perhaps they will offer some insight.

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