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Delusional behavoir?

Hi everyone… I have posted several things on this site about my 28 year old son who has been diagnosed as delusional but refuses to accept that he is or that anything is wrong… sooo… he was briefly on serroquel… not even long enough to have any effect other than making him tired… that was several months ago… since that time he has gotten jobs… lost them…and at the moment he is an on-call security guard that works solo… he also smokes marijuana daily… all day …every day…anyway thats the background…yesterday…I wanted to test the water pressure in my home when using an appliance… so I asked him to turn on the washing machine… which he knows how to do as he does his wash… he was pressing all the worng buttons… like he never used the darn thing… no help at all… even after I explained…“just pull the handle of dial out”… later… I was coking something for my grandson in the toasteroven and asked him to shut it off … (he uses the toasteroven frequently)…instead of shutting it off… he opened the cabinet door above it… looked at me and when I repeated myself… he said “I did”… then opened another cabinet door…needless to say… I did it myself but am very confused as I never heard of this as being a schizophrenic behavior… any thoughts?

This sounds like a thought disorder. It sounds like he is misprocessing auditory stimulus. Not unheard of by any means.

I hope you get him on meds and away from the weed somehow. sounds like he is given too much freedom for my taste. I hope you figure out what to do. sounds like a real mess.

He might have just been putting you on and maybe he knew exactly what he was doing. He might have been joking around.

I admit, with this illness… I can get a bit confused and take a long time figuring something out. I get the steps of a process a bit mixed up… but when I used to smoke pot… I was useless… couldn’t work a door.

I’m sure he has some impairment from this illness. But I’m sorry to say… and I don’t want to be mean, but he sounds too stoned to function.

I’m sorry he’s got the double whammy of this illness AND marijuana addiction. Pot makes this illness so much worse.

I’m rooting for you and your whole family

Thank you all for your comments… I work in a field that makes me very knowledgeable but not a professional… I know of many resources but also know that with his resistance… my hands are tied…unless law enforecement becomes involved… he also has believed that various neighbors have planted walkie talkies in the air conditioning vents etc etc… but what happened yesterday totally blew my mind as I never read anything like that before…

Being thought disordered can be a symptom of mental illness. Cognition gets affected. I don’t think he was doing any of the above on purpose and in his mind was probably doing exactly what you asked. The weed could also be playing a significant role in him being confused.

Weed used to be a big factor in my son’s illness. Now it’s off and on as my home is off limits for marijuana. Zero tolerance.

After my son’s last break his cognition took a big hit. There were times he didn’t know how to put a hat on and couldn’t remember how to do things that he used to do all the time.

Thanks BarbieBF… this is something totally new to me…and it just blew my mind… If I didn’t know any better I would have thought he was doing it on purpose…kinda like when he talks down to me if I happened to not remember something…This site helps me keep my sanity… when nothing else is sane!

I believe it is hard to decipher what happens. I have had moments with my son that I really do not understand. The behavior can change at any moment. Just hang in there because he can not control anything. Just be there for him as best you can

Thanks Kathy… the behavoir the other day… twice… really threw me… know a lot about this disease… but not that behavior… .i am blessed to have found this site…knowing I’m not alone helps as well as being able to vent and ask questions… My son believes so many things that are not true… I pray for the day he believes he needs help and is willing to accept it and begin meds again…he tried medication very briefly… if at all and stopped…

Sorry… i see it’s Cathy… with a “C”…lol

You are definely not alone. The one thing I do know at this stage is that you must take care of yourself. people you used to tell me that and I ignored thinking I have to do everything for my son not matter what happens. I would not be able to sleep because any moment something will happen again. Everytime the phone rang I almost panicked. none of my friends understood and said just let him go. My son will not take his medicine either…says it makes him feel weird and tired. Now, my son is in a drug rehab because of his behavior and this place is free. I am not sure it is the correct place but he is safe and learning how to take care of himself. I do not think he will ever be able to work so I know it is still a long road ahead. I always remember that God will never give us more then we can handle…so, moving forward we and they have to keep on trying. Take care! Cathy