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Dental appointments - Son Refuses to Go - Anyone Else?


Yep - we also passed by some new buildings because we don’t usually go to this part of downtown.

One was a huge Altria research facility - that’s Phillip Morris for anyone who doesn’t know, they make cigarettes since we live in tobacco country.

I was telling him they have research studies advertised on the radio where they pay people who already smoke a small amount of money to do opinion studies - like how a new cigarette tastes. Sometimes it’s smokeless tobacco or a new e-liquid or whatever they’re working on.

So, he starts in with sample questions in –
Sir, how quickly did you feel the cancer form with this sample?

I can’t remember them all, but he was pretty funny. I have a friend with a son who’s just graduated college and is having some success on the standup comic circuit. I’ve only seen a few Youtube videos & what he puts on Facebook, but I couldn’t help thinking that for a few minutes, my son was every bit as funny as hers. That wasn’t in any kind of competitive way - it’s just so nice to have his sense of humor back, even if he can be a little bit of a smart*ss.


That is the most frustrating and difficult thing i am finding about this disease is the fact that my son says and thinks “he is just fine”. I have to find ways to manipulate him like a child into going to the doctors , taking his pill, etc. He seems to have more rights than i do. Its very frustrating when all your trying to do is help and the law says he has the right to refuse because he is an adult. But what about the part that he is not mentally capable of making these decisions for himself?


And mine can’t be manipulated anymore - he’s gone past that- the disease has taken over too much of him. He is now suspicious of everything single thing I do and say.

His original doctor said it would go like this, boy was he correct!


Really? You mean its going to get worse?


Not for everybody. My son has the insidious sort - his illness gets worse gradually. At age 30 he could no longer function in a work environment. 5 years later, he is sicker.

A lot of the stuff other sufferers and their families deal with in their late teens and early twenties, we are beginning to deal with now. Just since June has he started believing we are sexually abusing him.

He keeps reporting us to the authorities. The local sheriff’s people just ignore his claims. He has moved on to reporting us to a national rape and incest agency.


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My grandson won’t go anymore. He says it’s because his mom would have to pay for the gas that calms him down. We might try again now that he’s been approved for SSI and he can pay for it himself.


Slw, this is a great idea. This sounds like something my son might say.