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Mom taking me to dental appt. next week...relieved


I am still getting to see the dentist because my mom is paying for the whole thing. I am going through the school of dentistry which is taking longer than usual to get all my work done. Tuesday it’s my deep cleaning which I’m sure will be great but I am a bit nervous about it. I hope they don’t have to stick me with the needles too much. I got a thing about needles…anybody else going to see the dentist lately? (it’s been over a decade since I’ve been so I’m relieved!)


it took me 26 years to see a dentist…i went last year. :smile:
thankfully it was all good news and it did not hurt…and they were pretty nice
good luck. :four_leaf_clover:
take care :alien:
p.s you have a kind mum .


Going to the dentist is a great thing to do for oneself.


I went to the periodontist + dentist today. I had time to eat lunch in between. They didn’t stick me this time.


I have an appointment in a month. I go in for regular check-ups and I just had two crowns put in. Well my dentist started doing something new about 6 or 7 years ago. Instead of sticking me directly with that needle with Novocaine, he now first takes a q-tip soaked with some kind of medication and dabs the spot inside my mouth where he’s going to shoot the Novocaine. It numbs the area so when he sticks the needle in I barely feel it.


Yes! @77Nick77

My dentist numbs the area before he puts in the novocain.



Good for you! My son has very bad teeth.