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Diagnostics such as brain scan?

So my friend has bipolar with psychotic tendencies
He acts like schizophrenia but he just started with these psychotic tendencies last March. Just like someone flipped a light switch
The voices. The paranoia.
He has been baker acted 3x since and comes out of the hospital worse. He has been under psychiatric care for this as soon as it started back in March
He shows some improvement then takes a nose dive ends up being baker acted and and comes out of the hospital worse because they take him off all his drugs and redo things their way
Has anyone ever had a work up done with a neuro psychiatrist to get brain scans done to see if there is some “physical” pathology causing his issues ?

Im sorry to hear that , He should go see his doctor and get a full assessment

This happens to many ! very hard to digest it . My son was once very normal then bang has schizoaffective disorder . Usually happens around the age of 19 .

The last time my son was Baker Acted, I asked the doctor about an MRI. She said the only place in FL that SHE knew to get one done for mental health reasons was at a hospital in Miami. I called my insurance since my son is still covered as an adult disabled child and they said if I could find a hospital that accepted Medicare here in Jacksonville, that they would pay even if Medicare didn’t. Getting my son to go will be the problem.

So sorry to hear what your friend is going through. And you are a good friend wanting to help him! My son was diagnosed as Sz( his grandmother had it) and was on just Risperidone. The psych decided to try Rexulti after couple of years and boom! Everything went wrong. He was arrested and life as we had known stopped for us. Anyway another psych decided to switch to Paliperidone and nine months later after a bad psychotic episode he was diagnosed as sza and was switched to Seroquel. It was and is still a nightmare! Now he’s on a cocktail of drugs… Risperidone, seroquel, lithium, epival etc :flushed:

Anyhow I was reading a book by Dr. Amen who does Spect scans and highly recommends to these kind of illnesses. I have it on my list to do for my son. We live in Canada and I’m not sure if hospitals even have this specific scan.
Good luck!