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Did a video about how much I recovered from Schizophrenia

I know this is kind of off topic but I made a video showing how much I was able to recover with my Schizophrenia. I’m just posting this here so you can see how much it’s possible to overcome this illness with the right treatment.


Thank you MaxB, I shared this with my son. I appreciate the encouragement. In addition to your music, do you see a therapist? You sound like you have great insight. I wish you a bright future. Life is a journey, is it not?


Thank you! I do see a therapist weekly and I see my psychiatrist monthly usually.


Thank you for this Max. I’ve watched some of your other videos too. They’re all very helpful. I appreciate what you’re doing to try to help educate us.


Very brave very beautiful person
You will be a hero for a lot of ppl
I wish you all the Very best


Thanks so much for the great video Max. My daughter also has schizophrenia and cannot work. She is still in the medication testing and management stage. She has a lot of problems with delusions and it has caused a lot of legal problems for her. I hope one day she is able to be at the stage you are at.
God bless you and I hope you have great success and happiness.


Thank you so much! 5

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@MaxB - Thank you for this. Very encouraging.

Your video really helped me to see there can be a lot of solid communication ability for some people. Right now my daughter communicates exceptionally well, which for many people makes her seem normal. But if you pay attention long enough things become very disorganized very quickly until she is rambling nonsense. She has a lot of trouble sometimes with details and answering specific questions. She has what we call lucid and non lucid periods. The lucid periods have been more often lately but we have had days where she just wakes up and we know it won’t be a good day.