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My experience with therapy (from person who has Schizophrenia)


I am someone with schizophrenia who occasionally checks on here. Just wanted to say I just graduated from a intensive day treatment program. It has been a year since I got diagnosed and I am very med compliant. Anyways just want to say I met many people at day treatment that I still talk to and am more confident socially. I also got cured of performance anxiety and found a job. My friends tell me I am happier and many people at support group say I’m changed. I am more confident and don’t feel like an outsider in society anymore. I am less negative, and passed a certification. It really did improve me mentally, and I recommend similar programs to the people on here.



Thanks for posting this encouraging note here - greatly appreciated!



Thanks for sharing about your experience here. This gives motivation and hope for the family members.



Thank you for sharing your experience with therapy. It is wonderful to hear from someone first hand who is feeling better about their lives. You have good reason to feel proud of yourself. It is hard work and you are courageous. Remember this on the tough days. I wish you the best future.

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Congrats on your great progress! I am very happy for you and I appreciate you sharing such an inspirational message!



Congratulations on all your progress! Thank you for taking time to post such an uplifting and positive message!



Thank you for letting us know what works. I am so glad you are doing well.

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Awesome news. What all was included in the program?

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Thanks so much for the update Tukey, news like yours makes my day. Congrats on being med compliant and thanks for letting us know the day treatment programs can work.



@Tukey I would like to ask you a question. Were you med compliant since the beginning and accepted that you have sz or did you struggle to realise the fact that you have sz?

I hope I am not hurting you by asking you this, I am just asking because I am desperate to know more about this disease.



The first time I got off meds because my doctor said I might not need them. Then I got ill and a year later I got sent to the hospital. Then I got insight and realized I would need meds for life. One thing you got to come to terms with is that meds don’t cause negative symptoms, it helps them by preventing relapse. It is no laughing matter to get off meds, it is self sabatoge. I have no idea why people do it… >:(



There was cbt and dbt and ot and a weekly lecture by a physician and recovery process class and more. Very comprehensive. I would say group therapy is a big help. My class was very motivated and everyone encouraged working. I got put in a high functioning class. You can get similar results to group therapy by attending a local support group. I especially like my women’s support group because it is mostly working and schooling or retired women getting together in the afternoon once Ina while.



Keep up the great work, your story is very inspirational. Can I ask if you live in the states? I have not heard of a program like yours before and it sounds very comprehensive.



Great to hear. My grandsons story sounds like yours. He has been employed for almost a year and is being a lot more social. Glad you are doing great!



Thanks for posting. I’m very happy for you!
My Son has so much anxiety when he’s out around people and isn’t social with anyone except his Dad and I. Your inspiring story gives us hope.



Thank you for sharing this encouragement. I pray daily my son will overcome and thrive - with this being shared will also pray for everyone who takes time to share and care on this website.



Thanks for sharing your story. I am always looking for tales of people who have fought and gotten on top of Sz. My son responds very well to meds and therapy and I have hopes that he will be able to have a meaningful life. He is getting better. Med compliance, insight, and family support all seem to be what works for him (and you!).

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Congratulations! Please redirect me if this question isn’t appropriate here. Do you have any suggestions on how to get someone to seek treatment that won’t go on their own?



Where did you. Take the out side day treatment program? What state?



Your words give me hope.

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