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Do world events affect those with Schizophrenia and other related diseases?

My daughter, aged 31, has always been affected by national and world news. She also goes from being a Christian (which I think she forced herself to be in order to make others happy) to being in love with the devil and Marilyn Manson. She was a christian when the 911 memorial was celebrated in the news all day last month. She was so affected by the deaths of so many people that she returned back to the devil. It’s confusing to me, except she believes the devil loves her. She says Marilyn Manson knows her. Not long before she was first diagnosed, she thought she made things happen in the world like the tsunami in Japan, the wild fires in CA (we live in NC), or mass murders. I often have to comfort her in telling her it was not her fault. Is this a common thread? Do any other loved ones take on the guilt of the world?

I thought these were interesting articles related to your subject:

And perhaps this is a good conclusion from the following article:
Our results suggest that the occurrence of religious delusions in schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorders is associated with environmental as well as [genetic influences]… In conclusion, religious delusions may typically be seen in patients with a high degree of religious activity and/or a high polygenic burden of schizophrenia risk alleles. Moderate religious activity seemed to have no negative effect and may even be helpful for coping with these disorders.

If she’s not sufficiently treated, she will continue to think these things.

I used to think I could affect world events, but I realize now that a reasonable God wouldn’t allow any one person to have such undue control over world affairs with thoughts alone.

Also, it’s just nutty to think that way.

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naturallycured, thank you for the gift not only of information but also the gift of humor. I really needed a laugh.

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Thank you so much! Just today she changed back to Christianity. It sure is easier talk to her now. Thank you for the info. I don’t have time today to read it, but hopefully tonight.

Unfortunately she takes dxm and caffeine which interferes with her medications. She is starting to have stomach problems and may stop the dxm so I hope her medications can be regulated. Thank you for sharing.

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