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@onesadmother What is happening? I’m guessing he is not doing very well.

hi BarbieBF, I just logged on to the page I haven’t been here for awhile, things have gotten better for my son I am giving him Niacin and vitamin B9, he has shown much improvement I am also taking the B9 which is helping me with my depression.

It’s good to hear that you and your son are doing better. :smiley:

onesadmother -

I am interested to know how many milligrams of Niacin your son is taking and how it is divided during the day. What type of Niacin is your son taking, as I am aware that there are different kinds - some resulting in a flush when it is a high dose. I am also interested in knowing how many milligrams of vitamin B9 your son takes.

I read Abram Hoffer’s book where he talks about giving very high doses of Niacin. Is your son’s doctor supportive ? Does he think it might help ? I have discussed Niacin with my son’s doctors and they were not aware of it’s potential benefits. They did say that they are concerned about anyone taking megadoses of any vitamin.

My son has been taking 2mg of folate (vitamin B9) as well as 1000mg of vitamin B12 each day, as prescribed by his doctor, but I can’t say that it has made a very significant difference in his symptoms or functioning.

I’m giving him 1,000 mg one in the morning and 1 at night and the B9 it’s 800mcg which is very little the Niancin is the non flushing one, I also have started taking it, my friend who is also giving this to her son also read the book On A.Hoffer and I do agree that it helps, of course the doctors aren’t going to agree with anything that is natural they are more concerned with drugging them then finding a solution

Thanks for replying. It wasn’t clear to me - is your son taking a total of 1000mg of Niacin a day or is it a total of 2000mg a day ?

As I recall, Abram Hoffer talked about a minimum of 3000mg a day to be effective. Has your son experienced any side effects - such as nausea from the niacin ?

no, none yet he’s only on 2,000 a day total 1 in the morning and 1 at night of 1,000mg

How long has your son been taking Niacin ? Are you planning to up the dose ?

In what ways has he improved ?

Thanks for sharing with us.

Feeling the same. Son recovering from accident is at home. Totally delusional. Not sure where to find help.

sadly, he doesn’t want to take it any longer he gets into these moods where he doesn’t want to take anything not even his meds. so for now i’m grateful he is on his meds

Well, this episode of his well being was very short lived, now I am living with a monster who is trying to control me has tantrums if I don’t take him with me when I go do errands, yesterday he was on a good one he refused to take his meds, and was very abusive towards me I am honestly tired of taking care of him I want him gone, I know he’s my son but he is very ill and needs to go live somewhere, where he can be taken care of I am no longer willing to care for him, I have a life to live and don’t want to continue living it with someone who is constantly trying to break me… I’m not sad anymore now I am upset and frustrated with this whole situation

even though he’s your son, it’s not your job to take care of this situation and it’s not your fault either. I have a master’s degree, and have been fine most of my life, this psychosis problem is new to me (at age 45), I’ve always had a great job up until this problem started. Meds don’t help me at all, I have to admit. Being in the hospital helps, eliminating stress (arguing with you perhaps is a stressor, I dunno) and being away from situations that trigger my mind when it’s sick helps. Also what has helped has been changing my diet to the Wahls Protocol, it’s supposed to be for MS (I thought perhaps that’s what I had, but it’s not), I eat alot of spinach, kale, and greens. Eating greens has helped alot more than any med, but that is just me.

I know it can be hard to find a balance between being mom and keeping your own self respect. Sometimes it is good to get mad… I’m sorry things have gone down hill. Sending love. <3

thank you for you insight, it helps to have someone give you advice I know this is not my doing, and I’ve been taking care of him for 6 years now, he will be 28 next month how much is a parent supposed to do?

I understand, good luck to you. Tough decisions to make for sure. But if he is an adult he is an adult.

I’m new to this world, just joined the forum. But it’s not your job to take care of him regardless of his bad behavior, and especially if he’s behaving like that, plus he’s an adult.

I don’t understand some of the behavior written on this forum quite frankly, seems much of it is just bad behavior. I’ve been diagnosed with it, and I don’t behave erraticly and anything like what is written up on this forum. I have had my psychosis incidents, and Iwas hospitalized, I didn’t have anybody take care of me and I never have. I’ve always had a nice job, I have a college education.

Perhaps some tough love will straighten him out. I recommend that you take care of yourself first and foremost and do what you think you need to do.

I do have to say you sound very educated and this has been some of the best advice I have received, I appreciate it very much I called his doctor’s office and his doctor suggest I have him hospitalized which is what he needs some how he seems to have these ideas (hallucinations) that he is an astronaut and makes millions of dollars and I’m keeping all his money, gee!! would be nice but yes he is not well and it is bad behavior which he has been displaying this year, before he would just have his hallucinations and the crying but now he’s at an other extreme

have you considered getting a care provider for him, at least a couple times a week? It would relieve some of your stress, and possibly help your son.
I know if you dont have Medicaid it can be spendy though. Might be something to look into.

I was riding my bike this evening and thought of something I wanted to add to this. I have a cousin who is mentally disabled with bi polar disorder. Her family and her Dr. helped her gather the medical information necessary to file for SSI and SSDI (I’m assuming you are in the US). with social security, she obtained back benefits, was able to purchase a mobile home, and lives on her own. She has been declared by the court system to be ‘mentally incompetent’ and has a payee, meaning each month when she receives her disability benefits, a friend helps pay her bills.

she lives very modestly, under the poverty line, but she did not live with her mother, and she lives alone quite happily.

in the past, she has worked as both a cook and a custodian to support herself.

she has been a tremendous help to me, as she understands what psychosis is, being bi polar, that overlaps, and we talk each day.

thank you BarbieBF, just checking in and things have gotten worse he was feeling so well while on the niacin that he decides he no longer needs medications and refused to take any it’s so overwhelming to see him suffer and at the same time to make me suffer I’m getting to the point of sending him to the hospital for his well being and mine :frowning:

here I am again it’s been months since I’ve last logged on, my son hasn’t improved he still has the crying spells I don’t know what’s causing it his psych. doesn’t either but I’m ready to jump off a hill so to speak I;ve read that Geodon, doesn’t cause as much tardive dyskinesia as other meds so I need to schedule an appt. for him to be seen, he has also been so unstable not taking his meds. So that doesn’t help at all