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Driving w schizophrenia, alcohol ignition monitor, and risk management

My 40 yo son wants to get his license back which requires paying off some dui fines $1000,00 and installing the ignition monitoring device
He really does not have the money to do it and is poor with money. He does make some money w a home business but ends up not able to save and prioritize.
He blows money on beer although he doesn’t “ think he has a problem and I am just abnormal. He can run through a 12 pack over 2 days which exceeds the customary definition of excessive intake. It’s periodic but I think sobriety is superior esp when one has a history of 2 duis and have to have ignition monitor.
I realize in writing this story that it seems obvious I should not believe he can handle driving at this point in recovery. He takes 40 mg Latuda which has helped to stop the voices but his mind is still not right.
Tomorrow we have an appointment with psychiatry and he is going to ask for an antidepressant too.

Has anyone ever had their loved one use an antidepressant plus the anti psychotic med?

Thanks for enduring our common problems and path as we try to do our best in this strange land. May God bless you and your family w good health and peace !



My family member takes a second generation AP and an anti-depressant. Seems to be a good combo for him.


Mine was prescribed with an anti-psychotic and an antidepressant. He didn’t take them, but they were prescribed together.

I can see where you would be concerned about yours driving again. DUIs are serious.