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Gosh darn it, here we go again


Navane was working wonderfully for my son. Miraculously. Fabulously.

He stopped taking it. He is back in hospital.


Im so sorry friend. It’s the hardest thing to convince us or anyone else to keep taking medication especially when they work. I have not heard of Navane, but I wish you luck. Abilify has worked well for me but I absolutely have to take it. It’s not a lie, schizophrenia is a genetic disorder. If you showed him that it’s proven to be genetic would he be able to accept it? It’s not a gov conspiracy to be mentally ill. It’s just a difficult thing to rationalize.


Thank you Starry. He has been unable to accept that this is an illness that he has, and that medication is a necessity. He has brief moments of insight, but generally, does not believe he is sick. My best leverage at this point is that he must take medication to continue to live independently, which is important to him.

I can accept delusional thoughts, but not aggressive behavior.


I hope he gets lucid soon. I hope he finds someone to listen to who will tell him that he needs to be on medication for the rest of his life. I had it easier, because my older brother has MS and will also be on meds for the rest of his life.


The core problem. Please see the thread at for some data I think may be useful to understand.

Because the sz pt has to be able to get to move through those stages to get “better.” You may be able to help him by getting him to someone who understands those stages as well as something called Motivational Interview / Enhancement Technique.


thanks for the info - I just hope something will get thru to him before too long.


So sorry to hear this Vallpen. Did the hospital put him back on the same meds? Fingers crossed he will get better soon and stay with the treatment plan.


My son has been on and off APS for two years. He was finally sectioned and then agreed to a depot injection. He has just had his second. I am staying with him temporarily. I am hoping that by the time has the third one he will be unable to deny how beneficial it is. He is capable, active, friendly, almost symptom-free at the moment. Maybe depot is the way to go for your son.


I’m sorry @Vallpen. It seems we can never completely get off the rollercoaster… big hugs


We’ve done atypical depots without last effect. The closest thing to what he is taking that comes in depot form is Haldol.


Ah, sorry about that. The depots are not perfect for my son either, just better than before. It seems to take a lot of work to find the right combination of meds for each individual.


Started re-reading ‘I am Not Sick and I Don’t Need Help’, and reviewing the LEAP method. Since my son is adamant that he is not sick, that seems my only hope.