Dual Diagnosis - Can't believe he had this kind of insight

I haven’t been here in a long time. Relatively speaking things are going well for my son. He has a few minor delusions that he doesn’t have any insight into, but otherwise, he’s well. Social anxiety has been a problem well before any psychosis, and still there, but a touch better. It still holds him back.

But, he said something the other day that I was so proud of that I wanted to share - and no one else would get it like the people on this forum.

Along his journey, he got into opiates. First from friends at school, not that he had many, then stealing them from his dad after he had an accident. It was a bad addiction and took a long time to somewhat get over it. He still has cravings and will use Kratom about once a month as a substitute - it’s not perfect, and he’ll always be an addict. It just is what it is.

He has attended a psychosocial clubhouse in the past. He’s thinking about going back and maybe getting them to help him find a job. I have serious doubts that it’ll happen, but it’s good he’s thinking that way, so I’m encouraging it.

He then mentioned that one of the other people there got a job through them helping old people in nursing homes fill their pill boxes and things like that. I said, that’s nice, but I don’t know if it’s a good idea for you - if you steal pills, you could go to jail.

He didn’t even hesitate - he said, yep, I’d be too tempted, that’s why I’d never take a job like that.

It’s a tiny thing, but I was so proud of him. That’s a long way from when he used to come up with ways he could break into a pharmacy without getting caught.