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Drugs and Schizoaffective

My son is schizoaffective will be 33 soon. I know he is using drugs.Has anyone had success stopping their son or daughter from using. I don’t know if he is self-medicating. He had this problem before and stopped for 4 years so this is a relapse. He will not go to rehab, will not go to meetings. I gave him some cash, then stopped and gave him a gift card every three days, then stopped and gave him cash again. Now I am seriously considering going back to a gift card.

He tells me to let him live his life. I can’t do this. I have been dealing with this problem for a
year and a half. I am just so tired of dealing with the illness and the addiction.
Any advice would be appreciated.

@roseo Is he on meds for his schizoaffective behavior?

Yes he used heroin and meth. Sept 12 he will be 3 years clean. I really believe Clozapine was finally the answer for him. It decreased the voices 90 percent. It was a hard road but thank goodness he made it he is now working and making friends


Yes he is on fluphenazine (Prolexin) - an injection every two weeks but he will not stop the drug use. He is stable now too. He was a second a way from entering a drug rehab but said no just as he was about to enter the door.

How frustrating!!!

If anyone has had a successful intervention for a SzA family member, please share your thoughts and experience.

Yes mine was using heroin and meth and whatever else he could get his hands on. He was in and out of rehabs at least 7 times. Finally got him on Clozapine and clean for 3 months but then he started using again. Everyone including myself was finally done with him. He went to another rehab for 6 months then sober living for 6 months. I am proud to say he has now been clean 3 years 3 months. He works full time and is stable. Such a tough disease. Good luck to uou

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