Early Onset Childhood Schizophrenia


Let’s explore this…and I think, I really need to vent here. My apologies…

I’m actually quite worried about this…and to be honest, neither husband nor son wish to discuss this subject.
Husband begins to tear up, literally. Son said he sees no reason to discuss schizophrenia or attend public school. His pdoc says to undergo more testing to determine extent of delays that may exist. I do know that he is still around 5th grade level on some things, lower on others. (That changes some things doesn’t it? He’s almost 14 yo.) His memory issues also present a unique challenge.

The other concern is that, unlike other teens, he does NOT communicate via social networking/internet. He doesn’t want to talk to outsiders, and for now, I’ve been happy about that. (Our older boy ran into some “trolls” who really messed with his head a year ago. They were playing a prank…not cool.) He used to get so very upset at times when he did interact with others online (gaming, in the living room, observed).

I really don’t know what to say…and I don’t want to discourage him either.
So, for now, I’m encouraging the same things you cited, and keeping the rest of these thoughts in my head.

He likes to draw, and is quite creative with what he can visualize. He said he would like to create graphics for games. Okaaaay…And he would like to go to college. He’d like to test video games, but only certain ones, not all of them, and only on days he feels like it. He would also like to have an apartment, but maybe live next door to us. And a girlfriend. But then again…maybe not. (I admit it, sometimes his conversations exhaust me.)

How the heck is he going to do these things? He won’t leave the house!!! (Venting)

I really don’t know what to say as he does not comprehend what is involved. I questioned myself as to if any 14 year old really comprehends “college”? Then again…his older brother (by one year) regularly meets with his school counselor, and is researching the subject of community colleges and fields.

Thanks for listening…and for the brain storming.
My thoughts feel so mean…again, my apologies.

I really like the tree. It’s the size (diameter) of a quarter!! He draws in such a tiny space. And yes…I see where he gets his inspiration for the creatures. They are so very close to his hallucinations!! Good grief…“they made with skin”.


My FtF friend just addressed this at length. She says step one for her son was daily bathing and appropriate clothing. If your son has that down, next step would be leaving the house. That is how small the steps are as they learn to maneuver their brain disease.

Like that old saying, “A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step” Our family members can take a long time -years they tell us at Family to Family - to make each step.

I really loved the tree.


I love the tree. It would be a nice stencil.


I’m still thinking over my response to your post and will be responding to you soon.


Thia quote hits home for me big time. I am working with a trauma therapist (sz son attacked me with a knife) and am trying to identify areas where I’m astruggling. THIS is one thing, although I didn’t realize it until now. Thank you for posting it.


When they told us at Family to Family how long some things could take, our class went silent.

I am glad you are working with a therapist. I wish we had.


I am working with a trauma therapist too. Largely due to my son’s 3 suicide attempts. The last one was after he assaulted me and my husband, then cut his arms and legs to bits and tried to hang himself from a tree in our backyard. I can totally relate to what you’re going through. My father committed suicide when I was 16 and my mother acted like it was just another day. I think the therapy is helping but it is strange. Are you doing EMDR?