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Equine/horse therapy

Hi All - I stayed at a Horse Therapy Ranch over the weekend (just an airbnb for us, no therapy : ). The owner now mostly retired had been a psych nurse and the people she worked with at her ranch were MI individuals. She said she had success getting individuals to find self esteem and lower their anxiety. I had forgotten about this therapy and thought I’d mention it. We do have one in the Front Range here. I had offered this to my son in the past, I will try again but I don’t think it is for him. Thought maybe this would interest someone.

I’ve heard that some people find psychiatric service dogs helpful also:

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Yes, she said that it helps to have any animal around for them. She had a service dog, however, that was given to her from a family who’s son was not nice to the dog. He had sz and was violent. I would have taken that dog in a heartbeat, she was so attentive.