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Helpful for my daughter

Some of the things that help my daughter deal with her anxieties…

Her best friend made her a weighted blanket… she loves it… she had me try it out and it is very soothing!

Therapy fish :tropical_fish: :grin: who says fish are boring? Not my daughter… fish do have personality and her beta fish is no exception… it seems to be sensitive to her moods and swims close to the glass of the tank and my daughter can vent to it… (she still wants a dog or cat too)

Music… certain songs encourage her so she will listen to them to help her mood.

Aromatherapy… she has a big selection of scents… she especially loves to use them in a bath…


So, cool of you to share. My DD, right before full psychosis has a chicken who hung out with her when she went outside. If B was out the chicken was right next to her…
Another helpful anxiety too is being outside. Walking, sitting, whatever, just enjoying nature.