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Experience of Caregiving and Coping in Caregivers of Schizophrenia

A good incentive to take the classes that NAMI and also Schizophrenia Society of Canada have for caregivers. And, if you’re having trouble coping with the caregiving load - don’t be afraid to see a psychologist to help with coping strategies.


The association between experiences of caregiving and coping strategies suggests that caregiving experiences are influenced not only by the illness but also by the coping methods employed. Helping caregivers cope better might improve caregiving experience.


They mention reduced stigma in the study. I think that’s very true. My wife has certainly, unequivocally reduced the amount of stigma I’m exposed to. Good stuff @SzAdmin.

An extensive literature concerning family interventions in schizophrenia has demonstrated the positive impact of various family interventions in improving family environment, reducing relapse and easing the burden of care. Although the evidence of such positive impact of family interventions in schizophrenia is well documented, such interventions are neither widely used nor appropriately integrated in care plans, and are frequently underfunded.”

Really sad but soooooo true. Torrey and Mueser & Gingerich go on and on about it in their books, but the majority of sz patients and their families do not get the group and individual counseling that was first developed and described in the '80s in tomes like these:

Wondering how many on this forum have have conjoint therapy with their families.

I know sometimes my partner gets overwhelmed in taking care of me. She gets mad like everyone else frustrated too. I have invited her to therapy with me but she says therapy is meant to help me not her.