Feeling Sad and Looking for Support


Great to hear things are moving in a positive direction.


What a journey…I’m glad you’re experiencing “relative calm” right now.


@Vallpen, I am glad to hear that your son is doing much better. You have had to deal with a lot… When they say this will be a roller coaster ride, I see what they mean. Our stories are almost similar. I’m just beginning this journey with my son. He’s on injectable too and is very calm and motivated right now, but I know that it can change within a drop of a hat, but I’m going to enjoy these good days for now. How did you stay strong during the time your son was locked up in a hospital for 3 months? Hugs to you!


Some hospitalizations have been more difficult than others. At the time of the one mentioned, my son had been making such poor choices he was definitely a danger to himself. In addition, thru much of that visit he was not well oriented to reality, so it was a relief to know he was somewhere safe and where he was being cared for by people with an understanding of his current condition.

I think the much more difficult times were those when he was not hospitalized and didn’t meet admission criteria, and was still very symptomatic.


And something I didn’t mention was that coinciding with the time he was first manifesting symptoms, I was going thru cancer treatment - roller coaster indeed!


I don’t know if it would work for you, but we have chores each day and before I take him to do something he enjoys, they must be done. I work side by side him and keep it moving along and an appreciative of the help. I volunteer and take him along and even though it’s hard to get him engaged he thinks he is doing something positive and he is really, better than sitting around all day. When he badgers me about leaving, I tell him that his therapist can help him with that and perhaps he should talk to her. She has a lot of ideas. Who knows one day…and by the way big hugs to you🤓



Thank you @Mom2. My son is doing much better. On some days, He wants to do things and on other days he don’t. We just applied for SSI for him in June of this year. He had an appointment with the Ssi Psychiatrist on last month. I sent all of his medical and school records to Ssi. His doctor is still waiting for Ssi to send her the forms to fill out. Thanks to everyone who has giving me a lot of info and encouragement. I will continue to keep everyone updated. All of us parents on this forum will make it through with our loving MI children. God will continue to give all of us strength. Hugs to you!


Thank you for your support as well!


That could not have been easy Vallpen. What pulled you through it? What helped? Did he know what was going on?


He was aware of my cancer, and before falling seriously ill, even came for a very nice visit. Just plain old grit got me thru I think.