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First diagnosis of psychotic disorder increases risk of death eightfold

The rate of all-cause mortality observed among adolescents and young adults after first diagnosis of psychotic disorder was about eight times higher than the rate observed among a matched control group of general outpatient service users, according to data published in JAMA Psychiatry.{c3ba0d6a-ed0b-490c-8272-fc81fbd86125}/first-diagnosis-of-psychotic-disorder-increases-risk-of-death-eightfold


Great…another thing to worry about😩

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Ha, I could have told them that! And it never goes away… So as a parent you are “on” 24/7 watch. I have nightmares of burying my 10 year old. I literally dream of her in a grave. And she’s had four psychotic episodes already.

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And this is among patients with health insurance who receive a diagnosis…

Our executive functioning doesn’t fully develop untill 25-27yrs. Add schizophrenia, that’s a pretty harsh mix. developmental risk-taking + isolation vs intimacy + schizophrenia = at risk for poor outcomes


thank you for sharing!!!

In my experience, and we have had several pdocs due to moving so very often…

no one likes to talk about this.

And, in truth, only MY PERSONAL pdoc initially discussed the reality of it being a concern in regards to our son. Our family dr mentioned this subject to husband. NOT one of our son’s pdocs brought the subject up.

It needs to be talked about. I have always felt that I’m treated (by his pdocs) with more than a little pity…as if the news alone is so hard to take (the dx itself), the realities might be “too much”.

I can take it…please don’t swaddle me.
I learned on my own…in my therapy.

I bring the subject up, with his pdocs…but I ask to meet with them a few minutes alone to do so. The subject of suicide is a sensitive one, and is discussed. The way it has been discussed has evolved with time for us. When our son is in the throes of suicidal thought/ideations…it’s the most difficult of all (to me). The violence when he was younger was hard…but the belief of death is far worse.

I’ve seen the most clinical pdocs start to cry when they talk to him.
They actually tried to hide it.

Blew me away.