Halton Parents - Exam Stress


High school life is full of new and exciting opportunities, not only socially but academically. Along with mandatory courses, teens often get to choose great interest courses. It’s an exciting playground for them. As parents, we try and let them explore, discover and find their interests and focus. All the while supporting and providing guidance.

While our teens may be able to handle their daily school and homework assignments, exam time is different. Anyone with a high school teen knows this is a time of increased stress levels. Unfortunately, teen brains don’t learn or retain information when they are under too much stress so parent support during this time is important.


Were you thinking of someone I know when you found this? Because it’s very timely. The crying has already started. If my sister cries anymore, I’m going to cry. :pencil: :cry:

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The first of many exams begins tomorrow.


When I saw it on my twitter I thought of kidsis as well as other’s :smile: