Stress reduction

Our son lives with us for the last 29 months. Now that he is not on medication, I constantly think how I can help him to reduce his stress level. He reads news and sometimes blogs. He is interested mainly in Government news because his main delusions involve this. With full time college starting itself is a stress. I know for us watching news constantly is not good as everyday there are things going on which are beyond anyone’s control. What have you done to help your loved one to reduce his/her stress level? Any advice or suggestions appreciated. Thanks.

First off… I don’t have a T.V., my sis made the agreement to live without one. So much is on-line, it’s a lot less stressful not having loud panic stricken news guys shouting and arguing. Just having that negative vibe out of the house was a relief…

I read the news… but reading it is much more calm then having Glen Beck or someone like that shouting and freaking out on a screen in my house.

My parents took the “NO T.V.” challenge and even they said they felt better. So many shows are on-line now… with out commercials.

My sis will help me with some decompression time… taking a brake for a quiet bath, some time away from what ever I’m doing that amps up the stress. There are time’s my homework gets me upset and I just can’t take it.

So my sis will encourage me to get up… walk away, get some air, decompress and try again later with a fresh set of calm eyes.

Just some comments:

News, mostly negative news are no good for the youth, sometimes even for adults if they don’t know how to interpret the news. Most headlines and tragic news are frequently reported because of low chances for that event to take place. Further, it does not necessarily imply that the same fate will fall upon the readers.

As for college study, I suggest that the family can together make preparation in advance. Find out more about the college student life, for instance.

Sorry for not having concrete suggestions.

I am starting school again next Wednesday, and stress is my primary trigger. I’m going to be trying to keep to a strict sleep schedule to help me feel less tired; the tiredness would lead to anxiety about being able to take on the tasks of the day. I keep calendars around me so I know what I have to do, when I have to do it, ,etc. etc. .Every year I try to stay organized. For the first few weeks of the semester I am, and after that usually I fall apart and relapse. I’m hoping the organization will stay longer than a few weeks this semester, so that I am not as stressed out .

Dont let him watch the news if he is all caught up in conspiracy theories. I find exercise and sex/masturbation works for me. Im also prescribed xanax because when I freakout, it is not pretty.

Right now I am listening to Slipknot and waiting to head to class. Im not in a good mood about school right now. Yesterday I lifted weights and masturbated, it helped. I would be the worst therapist, telling everyone to go lift weights and then masturbate…

Ah man you’re hilarious.

Any case a little activity always helps to reduce stress. My problem is the stress of not having anything to do. I just sit there and stew most of the time. Pissed off that I’m schizophrenic. Good meals, long walks or bike rides, time socializing these are all good stress reducers.

mortimermouse, I know you are being honest but as a Mom I don’t think I was looking for this kind of answer. May be I asked for it so I deserve to hear this and be in the real world.? lol. Frankly speaking, I am stay at home Mom, I am home with him at all times.I quit my job to be with him when he moved to live with us . He has done well in the past semesters but then again he was on medication. So Now I have to make sure he is not stressed about stuff. I am always on top of things to make life easier for him. Thanks everyone for your honesty and if you are working OR in college OR doing both I wish you all the best. hang in there , things will get better.