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Hand movements with hallucinations?


Do any of yours use their hands when hallucinating? Mine is starting to. For example, it looks like he is reaching for things or moving things around or moving hanging drapes out of the way.


One of our friends with sz (does not take medication) does this. I don’t know why though.


Yes, my son would look like he was working on something. Turning levers? I couldn’t quite figure it out. Sometimes he would slide off the couch or window seat and crawl belly down on the floor.


My son was acting and using motions like he was on a touch computer screen or on his phone, he would swipe, talk and direct, it seems like he was giving instructions.


Before treatment my son once appeared to be having a conversation with someone without speaking…just using the nonverbals. It was Christmas morning and we made him join the family for our gift exchange. My poor mother had tears running down her face when she saw this.


Very common symptom. You’ll see this type of behaviour if she sit and observe in a mental health ward.


I think repetitive movements are common with sz. My brother occasionally does empty-handed bicep curls.


Son says it because things are there.

He can see them.

It’s better now that he’s on meds, and apparently the “right ones” for now. BUT, he does something else now. He twists his fingers, one on top of the other, all the way around the hand. Pinky, over the next finger, over the next…leaving his hand morphed and unusable.

He says it keeps the hands from shaking.

THAT is the problem now.
Shakes…like he has Parkinsons.

(yeah…pdocs know…nothing can be done)


Squid, I’m sorry. That would hurt me to see too. Big hugs.


I have only seen my son interacting with a visual hallucination once. His are primarily auditory.


Shaking can be a side effect of the medication he’s taking. You may want to explore whether there is a medication to counteract the shaking, or a different anti psychotic that doesn’t have the shaking side effect … but probably has something else, sigh.


Follow up post pdoc appointment last night.

We discussed this yesterday.

The stiffness is from Seroquel…the hand shaking is not.

They asked a lot of questions (they’ve heard about and seen the shaking for a long time now)…specifically about DAD and if he shakes? (they’ve met Dad, and know his psych/medical history)

Yeup…16 years ago, when we were dating I noticed immediately how much his hands shook. I’ve grown used to it, and seldom see it over the years. When it does, I “get it” and don’t say anything.

Apparently, it IS anxiety, and both boys have inherited this from husband. Older boy is like me, and must verbally work through his anxiety. (They think he’ll need meds…he has two appointments set up.)

However, husband and younger son demonstrate differently: IF they are absolutely focused on their work, without any verbal interaction from others, they can calm down and work with fine detail. IF there’s stress…forget it. The hands go immediately.

And now we know why husband has been on so many anti-anxiety meds, and why he had self medicated for centuries. Why there were arrests, jail, job losses, hospitalization, etc… so many things that he did not react well to when we were first together.

Mind crushing anxiety.


Oh Squid! Hugs for all of you.


My significant other does this almost constantly when we are together at night. He’ll hold me with one arm and the other is used to “shoo away” someone, flip the bird to someone, or to grasp and throw whatever he is aware of. When I asked about it, he said his hand hurt, nothing more. He only starts this when my eyes are closed. He is currently in such a deep state of psychosis that I never get more than a few words in response to a question (usually dismissive), if any response at all. I’ve witnessed him clapping/snapping/tongue clicking when he doesn’t think I’m paying attention and he is busy dealing with whatever is plaguing him that moment. I’ve tried every approach to draw out why he is doing it, but silence is the most common response. :pensive: