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Happy USA Father's Day!

Whether you are celebrating with a picnic, phone call or card - have a wonderful Father’s Day!


Since I’m doing this all on my own…I’m celebrating for me today :slight_smile:


My husband/son’s dad stays out at our other property almost all the time at this point since he seems to trigger our son, but we’re going to try to pick up pies downtown & take them out there.

We have a little pie shop that makes New Zealand style savory pies - like a pot pie - plus truly amazing dessert pies.
It’s one of my husband’s favorite places to pick something up, but it’s out of the way for us so we don’t do it very often.

Our son likes them too, so he’s kind of excited to go - once he wakes up from his nap he needs now with the increase in Clozapine.


We love those types of pies!

They post what they start out with on Facebook, but I don’t know what they’ll have when we finally show up.

On my list is
savory mince & cheese
pork chili rojo
chicken & veggie
jerk beef pasty
a banoffee pie, which according to Google is supposed to be banana, toffee & maybe some coffee in the crust
not my thing, but my husband loves anything with bananas in it.

my son’s requested a sour cream & blueberry pie for his birthday in a few weeks.
that sounded awful to me until i had a bit - it’s really good.


You’re making me hungry! Long drive to Virginia but this list sounds pretty motivating :slight_smile:

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Sounds delicious . :grinning:

We bought an inexpensive small pie baker and tried to recreate the Australian pies at home. We couldn’t find Vegemite but did find Marmite - our Australian friends were horrified that we had used Marmite and sent us a big jar of Vegemite so we wouldn’t make that mistake again.

I would like a pork chili rojo and a banoffee if you are in the neighborhood:smile:

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Pork chili rojo is like a spicy BBQ & no Banoffee was left.
Instead, i got a mango/coconut cream.

The mince & cheese was gone too, but in its place was mince, bacon, potato & cheese, which sounded way better anyway.

I don’t think anything in the shop mentioned Vegemite or Marmite - that stuff sounds awful, but I’ve been told the trick is to use a very, very think layer instead of slathering it on like peanut butter. I’ll stick with JIF, thank you very much.

@Jane57 - I’d think you guys do the little handheld pies in the UK?

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Yes slw , we do, think large pies here are called "plate pies"
When we go to Florida we go to a place called the village inn, they do lovely pies,

… and unlike Mother’s Day, over here in the UK we do Father’s Day on the same day as the US. The weather yesterday (Father’s Day, Sunday 18-Jun) was glorious, very hot and very sunny over almost the whole country. In Cambridge UK we hit 88 degrees Fahrenheit, what a scorcher!

Your weather day was identical to ours! Did you grill outside to celebrate? I loved visiting Cambridge, I’m a big soccer fan, had to visit the birthplace of the original laws of the game.

Our Aussie family’s next generation added us in on their six week tour of the US. Hallfway through their trip when they arrived, they nearly ran to the pantry to get the Vegemite out for breakfast. Yes, they always remind us, only use a very thin layer. Vegemite is an ingredient in the mince pie filling recipe they gave us.

Mango/coconut - nice, very nice.