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Thought we could celebrate some of the positives that may be going on

My son is, thankfully, no longer is watching over the fence, taking down license plates #s because he thinks someone is coming to get him. He also got a letter from the Housing and Human Services yesterday - which likely means he is signing up for health insurance or is looking at housing or financial help for himself!

I’m hoping there are some positives happening, even small, I thought we could find some light in. He also came downstairs and got a large serving of the dinner I made last night.


What a wonderful feeling that is when they begin to improve. I hope it continues!


I don’t know if it’s necessarily improving - it just changes. When he was going through all the paranoia he was talking to me. Now he won’t talk to me and stays in his room when the rest of the household is here. He runs out of a room if we come in. At least for me and my BF. He doesn’t seem to mind the 17 year old (male) but doesn’t interact with him. He has barely left the house in the last few months. Today he started the dishwasher. So that’s something. I’m just trying to find any postives : )

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Yes, since mine doesn’t improve, he just has some moments that are somewhat better. Last summer I was so proud when I discovered he had neatly rolled up an outside hose on its holder - the hoses always look sloppy when I do it - which is probably why he did it. I took a picture and didn’t water anything for several days just so I could look at it when I was outside.

It was so beautifully done.


That is a nice story : ) I like that you took a picture of it - may be worth framing (as a reminder).

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All good things. My son is also doing good. Right medication combination makes all the difference. Even is seeing someone, so happy for him.


That is promising. Has your son always had insight?

My grandson actually went back to work and is doing well he came home the other day and said I think I made a new friend. It’s wonderful to see him getting back into the world. Just took the right meds and a lot of love


@lindag - That is great to here! How long was he not able to function in the working world? I am curious as it’s been about a year for my son and now he has retreated into his room when we are home.

Around 3 years but he was also doing drugs. It was a tough road but he is still doing great

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